Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the choice about entering Hospice and selecting the particular Hospice agency?

The physician would give an order for hospice services. If the patient is eligible for care, the patient or the Power of Attorney for Health Care would complete admission paperwork.

Patients and families have a choice in who becomes their provider.

How is Hospice paid for?

Medicare and most insurances offer coverage for Hospice Care. Under that benefit Hospice provides equipment, supplies and medications that pertain to terminal illness, as well as the visits from the Hospice staff. The family will not receive any additional billing for Hospice care.

Where can I receive Hospice care?

Hospice care takes place wherever the patient calls home. This could be in a home setting, a skilled facility, or an assisted living facility.

Can I still go to the hospital?

For an admission related to the patient’s terminal illness, the Hospice must coordinate with a contracted hospital under the in patient level of care covered by the Hospice benefit.

For an admission unrelated to the Hospice terminal diagnosis, the patient may receive care at the hospital and still be covered under Medicare.

Is Hospice at my home 24 hours a day?

Hospice will partner with the family to provide care. If you need additional care, our staff can assist in finding additional homemaker services through Department of Aging or through private staffing.

Does Hospice provide any help to the family after the patient dies?

Hospice provides continuing contact and support for family and friends for 13 months following the death of a loved one. Our Bereavement Coordinator can refer to a support group and can make additional visits to offer support.

Is there any special equipment or changes I have to make to my home before Hospice Care begins?

Hospice assesses your needs, recommend any equipment and help make arrangements to obtain any necessary equipment. Often the need for equipment is minimal at first and increases as the illness progresses.